1. How do I talk to a human?

hello@hidols.com - send us an email!

2. How much does a Hidols Video cost?

The price for each Hidols Video is listed on the Talent’s page. That’s all you pay (although you may have other charges / conversation charges on your credit card).

3. How do I order a Hidols Video?

Simple. Find your favourite person on the Site. Click “order” and follow the instructions. They should respond within 48 hours (give or take - they’re only human). If they haven`t - contact us and we’ll see how we can help you or cancel your order. Our Idols have the right to refuse videos, they may be super busy, but we will help you. Any monies which have been temporarily authorised and/or taken from your account will be refunded.

4. I'm planning this video for a special event and a specific date

Great! We advise you give yourself a few weeks to order the video in advance to allow for us to get the video filmed and sent to you.

5. I didn’t get what I wanted…

The idols are extremely busy and whilst they will endeavour to match the Hidols Video to your request - they cannot guarantee it. If your request cannot be fulfilled you’ll be contacted and provided with a refund.

6. Is my Hidols Video mine for ever and ever?

Yes. It’s yours to keep and for personal use. Treasure it. Adore it. Don’t do anything illegal with it. And don’t use it for commercial purposes.

7. Do you have terms and conditions to read?

Oh yes! Check out our Terms, they’re very fair as we want our customers and talent to have the best experiences. You should read these before becoming a User and every time you order or respond to a request for a Hidols Video.

8. When do I get charged for my Hidols Video?

Your card will be charged when you submit your request. If the video cannot be completed for whatever reason you’ll be given a full refund.

9. I’m Talent. Am I guaranteed Hidols Videos requests?

No. You’re part of a dynamic and exciting marketplace - so make your introduction video clips nice and friendly to attract Users! Also advertise your page on your social media to target your fans.

10. Can I change the price I charge for Hidols Videos as a Hidol?

Yes - update it through Hidols.com or speak to talent@hidols.com to manually change the price. The price change is effective upon it appearing on the User-facing website.

11. How much do I receive as talent for each Hidols Video?

We provide the most competitive rates so you get more money in your pocket. Email talent@hidols.com for more information.

12. Do you have a referrals scheme for my other Talented friends?

Yes! Contact talent@hidols.com to discuss.